The standard Fiance Rate in Kikuyu People – A step-by-Step Guide

The latest dowry fee procedure, otherwise ruracio, regarding Kikuyu society away from Kenya are some events you to culminate from the fee away from a sum of money, livestock, and other worthwhile services and products because of the groom otherwise their family unit members so you’re able to the brand new bride’s loved ones. This longstanding society can be regarded as a way to award and you will admiration this new bride-to-be along with her family members, also to enjoy new connection of the two group.

  1. The procedure initiate when the bridegroom offers to this new fiance and you will, if the she believes, the guy kits an interviewing the elders off their group. Such parents are usually members of the brand new lengthened friends that are inside their 60s or older.
  2. The fresh new bridegroom directs a beneficial delegation, usually comprising 8-fifteen professionals, towards the bride’s friends to tell them out of their intent so you’re able to marry and demand a beneficial dowry discussion meeting.
  3. In the event the elders visited the latest bride’s house, he is met of the bride’s members of the family, who’ve also known as their set of elders. The two communities exchange short merchandise away from deceased dinners, such as for example rice, grain, glucose, tea, and you may cooking oils, as a sign of regard and you will goodwill.
  4. The fresh dowry negotiation conference will be stored, on groom’s delegation as well as the bride’s family members sharing new conditions of dowry fee. That it settlement process will be lengthy, that have both sides bargaining and you may negotiating up until a collectively agreed upon amount is actually hit.
  5. The latest dowry payment processes is sold with a great amount of events leading upwards towards the actual payment of your dowry. These types of occurrences are “kumenya mucii” (learning brand new bride’s family), “kuhanda ithigi” (literally meaning growing a part from a tree), and “kuracia” (real dowry percentage).
  6. “Kuhanda ithigi” was a beneficial a symbol enjoy where the bridegroom vegetation a part out-of a forest so you can denote the fiance has been technically reserved because of the him.
  7. “Kuracia” is the actual dowry fee, that is determined by a number of affairs like the bride’s degree, field, public classification, and you can if or not she is a good virgin otherwise expecting. The dowry payment s, goats, sheep, blankets, heifers, goats measured during the tens, and money.
  8. Adopting the dowry has been arranged and you will repaid, this new groom’s family members check outs the fresh bride’s the place to find come across in which their girl could be residing in a lifestyle entitled “itara.”
  9. Brand new “kuguraria,” or conventional Kikuyu relationships off antiquity, is then stored, that involves the brand new bride and groom doing old-fashioned dancing and vocal.
  10. From the Kikuyu community, the newest husband is anticipated to maintain his friends and come up with important choices into family, as the spouse is expected to cope with your family and you may improve the youngsters.

Total, brand new culture of dowry payment, or ruracio, is an essential part of Kikuyu culture and that is still commonly skilled now. It is named a method to prize and you can value new bride to be and her loved ones, also to celebrate the brand new union of these two group. Although not, it is essential to observe that the fresh culture off dowry commission is not widely recognized in fact it is maybe not skilled in most bits from Kenya or even in most of the social communities. It is very important look out for and you will admiration brand new cultural way of living and you may heritage of the Kikuyu someone whenever participating in good relationships and other crucial life incidents.

It is very important to remember that dowry percentage, like most heritage, will be at the mercy of discipline or misuse. It is crucial that all of the parties mixed up in dowry fee process act relating and you will integrity, hence the latest community isn’t used as a way regarding exploitation otherwise discrimination.

Abuse Of the Dowry System

A proven way in which dowry percentage has been mistreated has been the employment of dowries as an easy way out-of exploitation or discrimination. In some cases, the fresh new dowry percentage has been demanded by bride’s family relations inside the higher figures of money otherwise products, leading to economic filter systems and you can difficulty towards the groom otherwise his household members.

As well, dowry commission has been utilized as a means from discrimination, into the bride’s family unit members requiring large dowries to own brides who will be experienced, has careers, or are from higher personal classes.

To handle the chance of punishment and you may misuse of the dowry commission system, it is essential for all activities involved to do something with respect and you may integrity, in order to consider the economic element of family in it.

To conclude

The newest dowry fee procedure, otherwise ruracio, try a historical tradition on Kikuyu community that’s intended so you can award and you will admiration brand new bride to be and her loved ones, and enjoy brand new relationship out of a few family. It’s important to regard the cultural living and you may customs out of the fresh new Kikuyu anyone, and also to make certain that dowry percentage is not utilized while the a beneficial technique of exploitation or discrimination. All parties active in the dowry process is always to work in respect and integrity, considering the financial feature of one’s family involved. The new culture may vary according to local methods, economic activities, and social record, and it is essential to learn and you will regard such factors to preserve the social requirement for dowry commission regarding the Kikuyu community.